If you’re not black and you’re complaining about “AAVE appropriation being the worst!!!” I can guarantee you’re getting on my fucking nerves, call out white people using trill incorrectly if it makes you feel like you’ve done your daily deed to combat antiblackness but I don’t want to hear your corny ass talk about it.

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Why are none of the textbooks my professors require us to purchase on these free textbook websites.

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Is it possible for me to personally “own” my sexuality in an “empowering” way in this society when I’m going to be hyper/desexualized no matter what I do, though.

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Lucy Liu turns 46 in a month

Lucy Liu turns 46 in a month

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I hate that people will send me a link to a mutual acquaintance of ours (and lately it’s not even people that I know, just some random asshole that goes to the same university as me!!) saying something really antiblack or honophobic or w/e and expect me to go off, as if I secretly derive pleasure from ultimately seeing people express they think the world would be a better place without individuals like myself so I can have an excuse to yell and scream. I know I can be aggressively humorous when dealing with whatever -ism of the day and it’s entertaining but honestly it’s a defense mechanism and I’m not always in the mood to put on a show for whatever jackass wants to feel better about themselves morally for associating themselves with me.

I’m not a political resource you can use whenever you want to one up some bastard on Facebook or to (in)validate your opinions, I’m not even a real activist, I’m just a college student that’s taken an “interest” in this shit because I had to?? Constantly being shown some bullshit to “lol at how silly those ppl are aren’t you glad I’m not like that” is damaging to my psyche, man. I had to be hospitalized for a month because of my PTSD and you’re not helping, get the fuck off my back and let me live.

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Firecracker Chicken


Firecracker Chicken

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A lot of my “radical” peers will rally against Obama and will be super gung-ho about never compromising their politics or w/e but then will chastise you for not voting for some basic ass local/state/etc Democrat that is CLEARLY using this “small” election to catapult their career to the national stage and “become” the people they suddenly don’t want to pander to and I’m like???

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I miss band and orchestra. : (

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The Prince of Egypt really frightened me as a kid.

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My friend’s boyfriend is letting me stay at his place for FFFF and we’re all going together, but they’re planning on riding bikes back and forth between the festival and the apartment and… I haven’t been on a bike in over a decade… And Austin is pretty hilly……..

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